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Latest permanent bans

Total permanent bans: 3273

Game Date/Time Name Steam ID Admin State
22-09-23 18:30Fredrick CuhSTEAM_0:0:224909063Siegbert Schnößel 99BannedView
22-09-23 18:27Fred CuhSTEAM_0:1:637625139Siegbert Schnößel 99BannedView
20-09-23 16:31Hansa PilsSTEAM_0:0:752510067Jessy Salzbergwerk 44BannedView
15-09-23 21:38pfeffiCaseOpening.comSTEAM_0:0:795330669Khabib SokolowBannedView
11-09-23 20:17Thor SkynSTEAM_0:1:25010863Mika MeyerBannedView
10-09-23 23:13V I S I O NSTEAM_0:0:600224254[6✪] Jesus 79BannedView
10-09-23 14:53[1✪] Mainz 821STEAM_0:0:563511973[10✪] Pulse 90BannedView
08-09-23 18:20José MamadouSTEAM_0:0:222457850[6★] Samuel Stammtisch 55BannedView
07-09-23 22:23Johnny FegerSTEAM_0:1:517510271[15✪] Kristall 33UnbannedView
03-09-23 15:32VergeiltSTEAM_0:0:636313091Dr. Walter ForteBannedView

Latest temp bans

Total temp bans: 20048

Game Date/Time Name Admin Unbanned at State
23-09-23 20:30Mike ButtowskiAdrian Monk30-09-23 20:30BannedView
23-09-23 17:14KunumahroDr. Walter Forte07-10-23 17:14BannedView
23-09-23 15:51MarcüsAdrian Monk22-09-24 15:51BannedView
22-09-23 23:41Maximilian RudolfOdin Yildiz21-09-24 23:41BannedView
22-09-23 22:24Alexander UlfMamba 1729-09-23 22:24BannedView
22-09-23 21:53[2☠] Siegfried VomostOdin Yildiz15-03-24 20:53BannedView
22-09-23 20:42NotMe banditcamp.comDr. Walter Forte21-09-24 20:42BannedView
22-09-23 18:09PerrySiegbert Schnößel 5325-09-23 18:09BannedView
22-09-23 16:37Kniggi nigg[10★] Odin Yildiz B153/0421-09-24 16:37BannedView
21-09-23 21:43[MG] SpySir Leon Rosé22-09-23 14:31ExpiredView